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Panorama Finals

February 11, 2018
Danielle Charles

In the name of adventure I had my first experience at the Panorama finals! Out at 11:00 pm in at 4:15 am. Organ Functionality: Questionable Forecast for the day: Deep Sleep Mood: Smile on my face Goal: To do something different This was my different! Enjoy the music! The After Shots The After Shots Big sis AKA The instigator…

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Defining Moments of My Single Life

February 8, 2018
My mother

I lost my mom on the 24th February 2015. Without having to reflect, I can say it was and still is the most painful experience I’ve had to date. I still live with the pain of her passing, however, both my experience with death, hitting a bull’s eye this round and my current grieving process, have been defining moments for me. Coming up in a…

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Danielle Charles

Hello ladies, i’m Danielle.  Welcome to So What If I’m Single! Feel free to make yourself comfortable and take a look around