Hello, hello. To officially introduce myself, I am Danielle. Danielle Charles to be exact. Affectionately known as Danes, Daniel and dansywansy. There is a lot I can say about myself, but let’s move right on into the good stuff shall we.


I am a thirty something year old single woman. Never been married, no kids, and I have been out of relationships and the dating game for about 3 years now.  I am pretty much at peace about this, but over the years (especially now due to my participation in the online world), I have come across conversations, discussions, social content that make me question existing popular perceptions on singleness, single life, just being single.


You know them well. The articles on suggested imperfections, the 10 things to change to get  or keep the guy, the 5 things a man needs from his woman. Such content is heavily focused on the perceived lack on the part of the female demographic. Then there is the overload of  the ‘while you are waiting on the one’ and the ‘reason for the season’ messages and advice (*rolls eyes* don’t get me started on this lol). And if that isn’t enough, there are all those gold plated #relationshipgoals that everyone seems to be striving for. So much so that it feels almost taboo, shameful and downright uncomfortable to express satisfaction and contentment living as a single. Worst yet a crossed that river, i’m over thirty single woman.


Now don’t get me wrong, some of it has it’s place. But like, where does a single gal learn to love herself in all of this. Where does she find the positive reinforcement to feel comfortable, contented and STILL valuable in her singleness. To be honest without a firm understanding and appreciation of self all that information is useless.


Well, through this blog I’d like to provide a different perspective on the single issue. One that would generate positive reinforcement, positive energy and positive thoughts. One that would encourage you not to feel ashamed or lacking but to proudly hashtag #singlelifegoals as you hopefully learn to love and value yourself, enjoy your single journey and begin to express such.  I also hope that this space will be a haven for one on one girl or woman talk for those who feel they don’t have that support elsewhere.


Then, if and when you decide to attack the dating world again, I hope as a result of your encounter with this blog, it would be for the right reasons, with the right thinking. With a confident ‘i’m so cool I can’t keep it to myself’ kinda vibe.


So, if you can relate and you desire to give living your best single life a shot now, then dive right in. There is advice, chit chat, rants and more, here on So What If I’m single!