My Taekwondo Experience

August 9, 2018

I’m almost a ninja! No. No i’m not. One because taekwondo has absolutely nothing to do with ninjas and two I would probably be no good at it even if I tried. I am allowed to dream though (haha). Anyway, my experience at Edson Breedy Taekwondo was definitely a fun but eye opening experience. I consider myself to be relatively fit, but somewhere between repeated reps of round house kicks, bear crawls and splits, I realized that just maybe I still have a way to go. For those who may not know, ‘Tae’ ‘Kwon’ ‘Do’ is a Korean martial art, one of the oldest forms in the world, characterized by its emphasis on fighting techniques using the foot (tae) and hand (kwon).

Over three days, along with an introduction into the art itself, I completed exercises that were all great for muscle toning, weight loss, developing speed, coordination, strength and endurance. There was circuit training on the first day which included rounds of mountain climbers, bear crawls, crab walks, agility ladder drills and a few other similar exercises. Let’s just say it was the first and only day I left on my makeup from the work day. It was a definite sweat session. I was also introduced to some kicking techniques like the front kick, side kick and round house kick on that same day.

Sigh, that round house kick. It was all fun and games doing a few kicks at a time to learn the movement until the second day when I was told I would be doing 30 reps non-stop on each leg. I am still slightly traumatized to be honest. It is difficult enough holding my leg up in the air for anything, let alone with the correct position for a round house kick. My abductor muscles were nowhere to be found. For the rest of the second day session I learned basic commands and stances for defense and attacking. Let’s see there was the cha ryut (attention), choon bi (ready stance) and some others. On the third day, there was more circuit training, which included racing (no I did not place last haha) and we covered some punching techniques and stretched.

Apart from the workouts, what I enjoyed most about the classes were the friendly interactions and support given as classmates cheered me on to complete an exercise. There was also guidance despite the size of the class to ensure that I was getting the correct form or putting out enough effort. I distinctly recall trying to do a half split during stretches.  Considering that splits are not a favorite of mine, I figured I would half heart it as I was accustomed. Determining how far I go was not left up to me though. With some unwanted help (haha), I was able to split wider than I thought I could. The great part about it is that I was able to stretch out what I thought was an old leg injury from weight training.

Whether or not I will be continuing my taekwondo journey is still to be determined. There are also some other interesting class combinations offered that I want to try. Like boxing and fitness circuit or boxing and taekwondo. To my benefit though, until I decide, I continue to use some of the stretches I learned during the sessions.

My true love will always be weight training, but not everyone is into gym workouts or savannah runs. Whether it be to increase fitness, skill or just to try something new, the Edson Breedy Taekwondo classes are definitely another great option for starting your fitness journey. From low to high fitness levels or for persons who consider themselves at risk of injury (60+ or over 300+lbs), all classes cater to the needs of the individual.

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